Do I really need to wear a face mask?

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I asked myself this question two days ago when the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that we all wear face masks when leaving home. I was conflicted by what the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that face masks only be used if taking care of a person who is ill, or you are.

While we can go back and forth of who we should believe and which sources are credible, let’s get something right, no one wants to catch COVID-19.

There are a number of videos that demonstrate that some masks are ineffective when defending yourself from catching the virus. The cloth maybe too thin, or it may be too thick and hard to breathe. Whatever method you choose just be sure that it’s good enough to block cough droplets.

Let’s look at some research about face masks and preventing COVID-19.

Yes, we should all wear masks

According to University of Maryland, masks are shown to protect one from all seasonal viruses. The study has demonstrated that there are a fewer number of droplets transmitted while wearing a masks, as it acts a barrier to entry for airborne viruses such as COVID-19.

Nope masks are ineffective

On the other hand, Infection Control Today (ICT), has found that both surgical and cotton masks are both ineffective when preventing COVID-19. All masks were tested expect for the N95. The study demonstrates that because the material for the masks tested are so thin, the air-droplets are released in the air. Business Insider has also found that the COVID-19 virus can stay on a mask for seven days. You really want to be careful that you dispose of these masks properly when wearing one.

wrapping it up

Wheater you decide to wear a mask or not wear I mask, I highly recommend that we all wash out hands as often as possible. If you have a front line work job, Id suggest you wear a more protective mask such as a N95.

Remember, we all can beat this virus together.

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