Stop Overdosing on Vitamin Supplements!

There are so many brands today that claim that certain vitamins are good for you in a capsule or pill form. Doctors used to prescribe these supplements as prescriptions drugs, now you can find them in your local gas stations. These days your next door neighbor is coming out with their own supplement line. If you buy an insane amount of vitamins, you need to stop and read my article.

Non synthetic vitamins are good for you. They are found in every food and and drinks that we intake daily.  From tap water to the sun, there is no escaping vitamin land. The best source to attain your daily vitamin count is through FOOD.

Understandingly, there are some of us who lack certain vitamins such as Vitamin B or Vitamin D. Im not talking to those that take vitamins for clinical, special nutrition needs, (i.e vegetarians) or young women who need their multivitamins for a healthy child birth. I’m intending this message goes to people who have a cabinet full of these pills and only take these instead of eating real food. 

Let’s talk about why these are not the best source besides the fact they are lab made. 

 To start with, multivitamins don’t reduce the risk of any chronic illness. Many people think that it’s a shortcut for better health or reduce the chances of getting a hereditary illiness. The truth is that usually isn’t the case. 

John Hopkins has found that in a research analysis of 450,000 multivitamins did not reduce the risk for heart disease or cancer. Another study by John Hopkins also found that multivitamins did not assist mental declines that usually comes along with age.

In Archives of International Medicine, researches from Iowa Women’s Health Study surveyed more than 38,000 women and found that iron supplements were linked to a risk of higher death. Now, before you get all worried, this is only a risk for people who don’t actually need iron. Not for people with iron deficiencies such as anemia. If you are healthy and blood work shows that your iron is in the normal range, there is no need for an iron supplement

If you for any reason decide to ignore my friendly advice that’s fine too. Id suggest that you check your doses and limit the consumption of supplements. For example if a RDA on a Mangnesium vitamin is 120%, try taking the supplements once a week or once every three days if you are healthy. Don’t over do it. 

My last recommendation is that you eat at least 2 fruits servings a day. Followed by at least 2 vegetable servings a day. Slowly increase each fruit and vegetable until you get to 6 servings a day. By doing this you will get into the habit of eating natural food sources.

Feel free to comment below on your thoughts!

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