Why Do You Look Older?

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In this day and age, everyone cares about how they look, even if they say they don’t. We all want have young, non-wrinkled, and have youthful bodies. When we don’t have that we often blame stress or lack of sleep. 

In this article, I am going to explore a new possibility of why you have frequent dark circles, increased skin ageing, and why you’re skin looks unhealthy. 

But first lets talk about some other factors that may attribute to your skin looking dull. It could be lack of sleep. How many hours do you sleep? The recommended hours is 7-9 for anyone above 18. If you don’t get your usual 7-9 hours a sleep most days of the week then I’d start by getting my beauty rest if I were you.

Another reason could be stress. Stress can be good and stress can be bad. Its bad when its starts to affect your health and the way you look. A friendly piece of advice: don’t ever let stress damage yoru health. Any practical person knows you can not eliminate stress, so my recommendation is to use meditation and other techniques to reduce it. If you feel that you are stress free person and you still have unhealthy skin, then this next part is for you!

Many beauty products that claim to make your skin look younger have a common ingredient: phytonadione. Phytonadione s a fat soluble vitamin better known as Vitamin K.  The BEST and most EFFECTIVE way to have healthy skin is by consuming foods that are high in Vitamin K. Because I am so nice, for you I have them listed right here 😉 

9 Foods that are high in Vitamin K

Foods listed in this collage are cooked kale, kiwi, cooked broccoli, cooked Brussel sprouts, cooked green beans, lettuce, mustard greens, pickled cucumbers, and pumpkin.

Do you notice a pattern because I do? Most of the foods that are high in Vitamin K are green! You can never go wrong with green. Try adding something green in every meal. For breakfast throw in an avocado, for lunch add mustard greens to your turkey sandwich and for dinner try pickled cucumbers.

Just to complete the circle: there is a reason why post skin procedure treatments tell you to increase your Vitamin K intake because not only does your skin look good, it also helps heal your skin faster. If you suffer from dark under eye circles or frequent redness and inflammation, talk to a medical professional about increasing your Vitamin K intake. 

As my previous blog posts states, I want the world to get off of this synthetic supplement world… If there is something other than food that helps me with my skin issues, its my facial rollers. I got one as a gift. I find that using ice rollers have a similar effect. The best way to enhance your skin’s beauty is by increasing Vitamin K in your diet, start there and elect beauty tools as add ons.

Remember you are the CEO of your health. Comment below and tell me how you get your vitamin K on! 

If interested in a beauty roller, check out the one I bough here from Amazon.

All nutritional information was found from tools.myfooddata.com

Comment below and tell us how you get your vitamin K on!

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