I Tried Chlorella and Spirulina for 4 Months, Here Are my Results.

I was recently informed about heavy metals. We all have some level of metals in our bodies.  It can cause unexplained illness, fatigue, insomnia, or show no symptoms at all until a person reaches a point that critical in their health.

I was aware my energy was a problem as soon as 11AM hit everyday, I was just exhausted. I couldn’t even have an attentive conversation with my coworkers. After consulting a medical expert and they said it could be what I eat. Being a semi-vegetarian, I know my fruits and vegetables are mostly local and organic. Most of the vegetables come from my home garden. I thought to myself it had to be something else. Could it be the water? Could it be the air, I do live in the city? So what I did was I just started to research possible causes and I found myself reading several articles about heavy metals. Medical experts don’t often catch this early on; its something that’s found after running many other tests first. I started with what herbs or foods are best for eliminating metal in the body. There are a few common metals arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium.  It didn’t matter what I had I just wanted it to be gone.

I  read some of the symptoms of heavy metals accumulation in the body. Fatigue, memory loss, insomnia, chills when it’s really hot. I ran this with my medical expert and they said its possible, but testing would be pricey. I disregarded the test, and told the medical expert I would update them.

 I came across two products in my research one was a cilantro extract oil and the other was chlorella and spirulina tablets

I have never heard of chlorella and spirulina. Both chlorella and spirulina are blue-green algae that grow in freshwater. I didn’t want to read too much about the benefits of these 2 superfoods as I find I may be biased. I made sure to read the risks though just in case it interacted with anything I did which it didn’t.

After doing in-depth research on what natural foods eliminate heavy metals, I went on my favorite e-commerce website, Amazon. I picked the pack with the best value and a reputable seller and company. I linked below which product I used, it’s a 4 month supply. I also asked the seller for a copy of the analysis testing for their product. I wanted to rest assured that there wasn’t anything that harms me as this is product is controlled by machines and at-risk being potentially exposed by toxins. 

I read the serving size and it states to try 10 pills a day which is 2 grams. Most of the reviews for this product suggests to start slow, therefore I started with just 2 tablets for 5 days. During the first few days, I noticed that my headaches were increasingly hard to manage. They would start and within the hour they would be gone, it wasn’t something that I had experienced before. I also noticed I got more thirsty, so I increased my water intake. This eventually lead me to use the bathroom more.

After the first week, I felt normal. The only issue I had was going to the bathroom a whole lot. This was a problem as I was working a desk job and I could only get a few numbers of bathroom breaks. As time went on, I no longer needed to use the bathroom as often, but I got worried as I started to lose weight. I lost 5 pounds in just two weeks! Now, my goal is to reduce my fatigue and get better sleep, not lose weight. To solve this, started to eat bigger portions of my meals. My salads for lunch would be double the size. I’d eat 2 toasts instead of one for breakfast, and I even ate more snacks in between. When I changed my serving sizes, my energy went down. I guess my body was using more energy to digest large amounts of food. This lead me to try something new. I was already taking 8 pills, so I divided 4 pills in the morning and 4 right after lunch. 

This changed everything! I noticed that I finally got to my goal.

I felt like I had the energy to power the whole office. Just to test if this worked, I quit my daily chai. If you know me, you know I can’t go a day without chai. I didn’t completely stop drinking chai. I only drank chai on an absolute need basis; when things got tough or heavy at work, I would make chai in our office kitchen. I recorded it to be about 1-2 times a week after month 2. 

On the side, my skin clearing up and looking more vibrant. My blemishes were disappearing. I didn’t have to use my expensive cleaners and scrubs anymore. As a result, I started to use less makeup.

I also noticed subtle differences such as my wounds started to repair faster. If you’re a fast-paced person like myself, you find yourself bumping into objects and stubbing your toes, leaving bruises. My bruises stay up to weeks which may have to do with a lack of certain vitamins. With the intake of chlorella and spirulina, my bruises would clear in just 1-2 weeks.

As of last week, I completed the entire 4-month course of this pack I purchased, so I decided to share my journey. My only complaint is that I still am losing weight regardless of how much I eat and taking just a few tablets instead of the recommended dose which is 10.  

Overall, I love this superfood, and now I am going to add this to my diet. I’m planning on getting a powder form this time, so I can add it to my smoothies and salads. I’m also planning to use just a pinch since I want to regain my lost weight. I googled if this was one of the health benefits of spirulina and chlorella, and yes, detox is one of them. When you detox, you lose weight. I’m not going to binge eat on donuts to get my weight back, I’ll just start eating more vegetables that are high in fat like avocados. 

My coworkers and family members said more attentive and less in space when I asked them if they noticed any change with me in recent months. I felt that way too! I am more open and more engaged in conversations, and I am more on my feet when it comes to decision making. I’m not sure if this had something to do with these two superfoods, but I know for sure that my energy is through the roof.

My recommendation to my fellow readers and bloggers is to start slow. Start with a pinch see how you react. As long as you don’t go over the RDA you are okay. This is a detox process, stay in the flow. If you decide to add these 2 superfoods to your diet be sure your product is free of Microcystis. Microcystis are toxins produced by blue-green algae. Remember both these superfoods detox your body and help you with weight loss, so be mindful that you will see numbers drop on the scale. 

Here is the one I got from Amazon. Whatever product you chose from any e-commerce site, be sure it’s from a CLEAN source. Since its algae, many companies have high metals in their products, be sure to do your research.

Let me know what your thoughts are about spirulina and chlorella. Have you ever tried them or heard of them?

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