Why I use Nut milk bags for juicing?

Looking for better ways to juice? Read this article on why nut milk bags are better than expensive juicers.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Nut milk bags are often used for making sweets, cheese or almond milk. I didn’t think I could use these bags for juicing until I was searching for a more environmental friendly juicer.

If you’re like me, juices are essential in my every day life. I drink one juice per day. It could be my store bought juice or it could be me juicing whatever veggies are stored in the fridge.

When I bought my expensive juicer a year ago, I didn’t think about anything other than the connivence of making fresh juice at home. The only part that I disliked about my juicing was cleaning it. After a year, my juicer broke, so I was looking for a replacement until I really made a list of what I was looking for in my juicer. It occurred to me that I didn’t like any of the ones I was looking at on the screen. I googled any alternative juicing methods and still nothing. I didn’t want to purchase store bought juices because they were expensive and I didn’t want to throw out a plastic bottle each time. Then it occurred to me.

Food wastage. I recalled how many carrots it took to make one glass of juice. It took 4 which was a lot just for a single person. So I experimented and I got it right on my first try. While thinking of alternative ways to juice, I thought of using bags like the ones I use for almond milk. Some people call it nut milk strainer bags, some call it just strainer bags. So I first used my blender to chop, dice and smooth out the carrots. I then poured it in my strainer bag and put a large container underneath so that way the carrot juice can not spill on my container and what not. After 5 minutes I check on the juice accumulated and squeeze out the rest. Apparently I got more yield when using these bags. I made 1 3/4 juice glasses.

After knowing that I got more juices from a $6 bag lets just say I never went back. One bag lasts me about 5 weeks. I’ve also been spending less money on groceries, and cleaning is just got easier with just my blender. The bags I throw in my glass jar filled with warm water, soap and a drop of vinegar. I leave the bags overnight and wash them in the morning.

While the amount of time it takes to clean just decreased by 10 minutes, I am very pleased with this new method of juicing that I created.

Share what your thoughts on nut milk/ mesh bags are. Have you ever tried them for juicing?

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