Meal Prep

Let’s talk about how to incorporate healthy eating into your everyday life. 

How often do you plan what you’re eating? Are you the kind of person who eats whatever in the fridge?

Planning out what you’re eating does take time and energy and it may be more harder for one to do than pop open an ice cream container for dinner but it is well worth it in the long run.

Think of meal prep as a milestone health map. Every meal is a check off a map to get to the final destination in other words your goal. You may not have a goal. You may be doing this as a permanent lifestyle change, to do that one must create a habit.

Start small. Do a meal prep for one meal out the day. I recommend lunch or dinner.Breakfast is usually hectic with work or school following. Lunch is easy to pack, or dinner is also eat because its at the end of the day its easier to prepare.

Later I will discuss some options to meal prep.

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