My Story


Welcome to my website. In this website I will mainly be talking about healthier eating habits and why you should increase certain food intake. I will be primarily be focusing on vitamin and mineral intake hence Dr.vitau.

I do want to mention that none of the advice given on this website is medical or professional advice but it is opinion backed up by experience, research and knowledge given by research facilities, medical groups and old folk experience.

Now that we got that out of the way, let me introduce myself. Ever since I was young, I was always interested in why a certain food was “good for you”. I looked up the benefits of foods and wondered how often I should eat them. This included everyday items like oranges, celery, radishes and common greens.

I later found out that it has to do with the kind of minerals and vitamins that are associated with the item. Oranges are good for you because of the vitamin C, and that is good for you because of tissue growth and repair. So if you’re sick or sluggish it helps wound healing and immunity.

I chose to write articles because I want to help others in understanding why mother nature’s food is far superior than those created in labs.

I consider myself a chef and a big foodie. I love to try new fruits and vegetables. Let us not only eat new foods but learn about them.

Let us all explore the blessings in simple foods. Enjoy reading and don’t forget to comment!